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Quidnunc offers hundreds of millions of records from non-profit filings in tabular form. Search, filter, and download details of financial information, grants, activities, associated persons and businesses associated with almost 2 million non-profit organizations.

Quidnunc provides one of the world’s most powerful financial investigative tools, previously used extensively but privately by dozens of journalists, congressional staff, law enforcement and specialists. Now it’s available to you.

There are almost 2 million non-profit organizations in the USA. Let’s find out what they’re doing.

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Make use of one of the most powerful non-profit investigative tools available

Quidnunc is a powerful research tool designed for investigative journalists, fundraisers, OSINT specialists, or anyone who wants to uncover the billions of dollars that moves through the 501(c) nonprofit system. Search through 6 million electronically-filed tax returns stored in tabular form, using powerful search filters to search and cross-reference many hundreds of fields.

Along with detailed financial information about each filing organization, navigate easily through 20 million+ grants, 70 million+ associated persons and organizations, and tens of millions of additional rows detailing an organization’s activities at home and abroad.

Investigative Journalism
Instantly build any report you want. How about a sorted explanation of compensation to board members at a specific network of non-profit hospitals?
Upload hundreds of organization names or EINs and immediately acquire every single declared grant they have made in up to 15 years of historical tax returns.
Fundraising Tool
Identify public charities and private foundations that might donate to your own charity.
Due Diligence
Vet potential charities to which you or your foundation wishes to donate: check revenue against actual program expenditure, average salary per employee, spending on lobbying, uncover related organizations, among hundreds of other variables.
Legislative Research
Investigate how foreign states or international political movements use the 501(c) system to move money into American universities.
National Security Specialists
Acquire a list of every 501(c) spending money on lobbying activities while also operating a foreign bank account. Or how about list of 501(c)s that receives government funding while also reporting foreign activities in countries governed by hostile regimes?
Law Enforcement
Find a common factor that link thousand of financial transactions passing through the 501(c) system. Why do a disparate series of grantors donating to the same group employ the same accountant? Why do grantees share the same collection of addresses?

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Hire Us.

Quidnunc provides bespoke nonprofit research and consultancy services.

Quidnunc provides bespoke investigative and research services. From major newspapers investigating nonprofit malfeasance to small charities looking for new donors, we can help.

Have Quidnunc investigate a group or network of organizations for you. Combining powerful research tools built in-house with expert open source intelligence experts and serious private investigative experience, Quidnunc can assist.
Quidnunc can identify public charities, private, community and corporate foundations willing to donate to your charity.
Due Diligence
Do you need vetting of grantee nonprofits? Quidnunc offers a full profiling and risk analysis service.

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